Some say i'm a little bit bonkers. But i think it's somewhat of a requirement to stand and deliver my off the wall thinking. Don't drink, don't smoke - what do i do? I'm goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes. Mockstars was an idea that had been filed away in my mind for many a year. Until one day in 2012 when it was far too wet and windy to go out for a bike ride, i decided to put mouse to screen and do something about it. All my Mockstars are influenced by their original name. I then put the selected star through a witty, witty, bang, bang, word play generator blending mega machine. After leaving to cook at 180˚C for 23 minutes, out pops the unique Mockstars name. It is then drop kicked to Vector, aka Wazza (me) a tea laden illustrator, to bring it to life in a medley of various shapes and colours. After a good work out of mouse clicks, the odd reviewing session over a Dame Edna Beverage and finally topped off with a final dose of chuckle chops humour, I'm finally biff, baff, boff ready to deliver. A Mockstar is born and inducted into our Hall of Fame ready for you to view and hopefully like enough to purchase. The Mockstars Hall of Fame Pun Factory is based in the UK, just outside the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. If you don't know of it, google it. It's quite nice. I can see cows grazing in the fields from outside of my su suss susstudio window. *Disclaimer To be serious for a moment, it's important to stress that none of the items displayed on this website are an attempt at passing off as official merchandise. None of the well-known fiqures have had any involvement in the creation of the illustrations. I'm not using the likeness of any of the well-known individuals to endorse my prints or any other items, but are actually creating a parody, not an endorsement. In UK law, there are no such things as "Personality Rights", these however do exist in certain states in the USA. I only sell prints exclusively in the UK, therefore not infringing on any copyright or other kinds of rights. So there!






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